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Monday Thru Sunday Lash Kit
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Price: $95.99
Monday Thru Sunday Lash Kit

Just in time for the Holidays. A full range of wearable lashes that are easy to apply and last for 7-10 days with new glue technology.Look beautiful all week long at any event, get together, or party you are planning to attend. Stay's on Glue gives an instant result that lasts day and night from dramatic and captivating to natural and alluring.Consider these lashes your new must have accessory for the holiday season. Apply in less than 5 minuets for a transformation that will have your eyes looking sensational.

Choose from 6 different lashes to create a natural to dramatic look. These lashes will last you the next 3 months. With new glue technology lashes will stay on from 7-10 days. Instantly waterproof for those sentimental moments in life. Stay's On Glue provides dramatic results within minutes.This is the perfect lash glue to apply your favorite lashes. Up to 50 applications in the glue bottle with a fine tip for easy application. This glue dries quickly and sets in 60 seconds. Glue is formulated for optimal bond that will keep your lashes from lifting at the corners and will keeps lashes on for 7-10 days. You can also re-coat the lashes every week to keep them on for weeks at a time. Stay's on glue is jet black to give a lash tint look so no need for mascara. Stay's on glue does not burn or sting the eye and is safe for the most sensitive eyes. Latex free, odorless and safe for any eye.

New Sticky Band Lashes have a seamless flexible band that contours to your own lash line, making the application easy and mistake proof.They fade into your own lash line making them appear flawless. Create your desired look with the 6 sets of lush lashes that come in the kit. Visibly transform your lashes to increase length and volume, they are easier to apply and give that instant result we all desire. Wake up each morning looking refreshed and less tired. Look fabulous in photos, special events, or just for fun.These lashes intensify and add depth to the eyes.

The kit also contains all the tools you need for lash application. A curved precision tipped tweezers is included for precise positioning. Used also for bonding lashes together by squeezing natural lashes with Sticky Band lashes .Tweezers are waterproof made from stainless steal with a waterproof seal coating.  3 Micro Brushes are included for easy glue application and re-coating.

  • New Glue Technology allowing lashes to stay on for 7-10 days.
  • Water Proof
  • Latex free and safe for sensitive eyes
  • Over 50 glue applications that can be used with any lashes
  • Create 6 different looks with 6 different lashes- Natural, Full, Voluminous, Dramatic, Alluring, and Flirty. 
  • New Sticky Band lashes contour to any eye shape for easy application and are lightweight
  • Easy to use with photo instruction guide
  • Increase volume and length of lashes in less then 5 minutes
  • Designed for all ages and skin types
  • Beautiful lashes day and night
Kit Includes:
  • Stay's On Glue 6 oz bottle
  • Natural Sticky Band Lash,
  • Full Sticky Band Lash
  • Voluminous Sticky Band Lash
  • Dramatic Sticky Band Lash
  • Alluring Sticky Band Lash
  • Flirty Sticky Band Lash
  • Precision Curved Tweezers
  • 3 Micro Brushes For Application
  • Step By Step Lash Guide
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