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Brand New - Dark Brown Brow Sculpt 7 Day Wear - Whip Brows In Shape
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Price: $39.95
Brow Sculpt

Have you ever wanted your brows to look filled-in, shaped,  and lifted everyday with out the hassle of applying pencils and powders? Lashes and Cosmetics would like to introduce it's newest product Brow Sculpt.

Brow Sculpt is a 7 day tint on one side and a 7 day sculpting gel on the other. It is a dual tip applicator and is very easy to apply and remove. It fills in brows, shaping them and keeps them lifted for long lasting wear.

How to Use?

Use side 1 of Brow Sculpt to tint and fill in brows. Use stencil for a more defined look. Tint will darken in 24 hours. When applying use a little not a lot of the tint. Follow your eyebrow line with the tint. Let dry for 30 seconds.

Use side 2 Sculpting Gel to arch brows into shape. Comb brow into the shape you desire. Take the sculpting gel brush and brush over brows. Apply on right brow first, then left brow and repeat for a second coat. Let Dry.

How Long Does Brow Sculpt Last?

Brow Sculpt up to 7 days. You can re-apply after 3 days if desired for a more dramatic look.


How Long Does It Take For Color To Fully Appear?

Brow Sculpt tint starts to develop in 4 hours. Color will darken in the next 12 hours and last for 7 days.


Brow Sculpt Colors

Blonde/Auburn- For light to medium blondes and auburn shades.

Light Brown- (Universal Shade) For light brown to grey.

Dark Brown- For brown to very dark brown.

Black-  For jet black.


Tips and Notes:

Brow Tint and Sculpt is WATERPROOF instantly. You can shower, go swimming, go to the beach and sweat with Brow Sculpt.

Brow Sculpt coats hair to keep brows in perfect shape. The side 2 applicator has a brush to help comb brows in the desired shape you desire.

This is a great add on service if you wax or thread brows in your salon or spa.

You can add this service on for $25.00 for a Tint and Sculpt.

When you buy Brow Sculpt you can do up to 40 applications.

If someone does not have eyebrows use the tint in a fine line and it will give a brow look.

Brow Tint glides on and fills in any missing or sparse brows to add fullness.

Brow Tint and Sculpt adhere to skin and brow hairs to give a long lasting affect for 7 days.

If you take a steam shower, brow sculpt may lighten for 20 minutes but will go back to original color quickly.

This is how all the stars get their perfect full brow look.

It is so easy to use. Only takes a few minutes to apply for perfect brows and you don't need any touch ups for 7 days.

Brow Sculpt takes a minute to dry fully.

If you have oily brows you might need to use two coats of brow sculpt.


How To Remove Each box comes with a 1 gram tube of remover

Apply Brow Sculpt remover and let sit for a minute. Wipe off remover and any excess Brow Sculpt. Wash brows with soap and water. Dry brows and you can re-apply Brow Sculpt. You can use remover in a steam shower and excess Brow Sculpt will come off faster. Each box comes with a 1 gram tube of remover


You are receiving:

1 brow sculpt

1 remover

1 direction sheet

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