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Eyelash Extension Kit 2.0 by Lashes & Cosmetics Over With Hypoallergenic Glue
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Price: $149.00
Eyelash Extension Kit - For Professionals or Take Home

Lashes and Cosmetics Eyelash Extension System is a new kit featuring Stays-On-Glue, an eyelash extension glue that lasts for four weeks, does not burn the eyes, and is instantly waterproof. The kit is fast, simple, and is used by professionals all over but can also be used as an in home eyelash kit. The Ultimate Eyelash Extension System is a semi-permanent eyelash extension kit made up of synthetic cluster eyelashes which are weightless, comfortable to wear, feel natural and look great. The Stays On Lashes are made with Stays On Glue adding a third bonding element which aids in long lasting results. Stay's On Glue dries in seven minutes. Our revolutionary gives you the flexibility to reposition lashes if needed with in drying the seven minuet dry time resulting in perfect placed lashes. There is no mess and easy clean up with the remover.  The eyelashes included in the kit vary in length and shape so looks can be fully customized and the best part, they last for weeks. A beautiful mascara look is achieved when applying the Stays-On-Glue which lasts for weeks. Any eyelashes can be used with the system - Strip, cluster, or individual. The Lash Press tool is included to help press on and bond any lash perfectly in place. A great kit for Make-Up Artists.

Eyelash Extension Kit Features:
  • Approximately 70 applications with lashes.
  • Eyelash Extension Case.
  • 4 sets of Stays On Eyelash Extensions (Short 8mm, lash 10mm, Medium 12mm, long 14mm )
  • 3 Sticky Band Eyelash Strips (light weight and clear thin blending band for long  wear)
  • 15ml Stays-On-Glue Adhesive - Black (100 applications) 2 year Guarantee for not drying out in tube.
  • 15ml Stays-On-Glue Remover
  • Glue Spatulas
  • Stainless steel curved tweezers
  • Stainless steel straight tweezers
  • Micro brushes (100 count)
  • 50 mascara wands
  • Lash Press Tool
  • Lash Silicone Pad (for laying out lash look before application and easy lash pick up)
  • Eyelash Ring with ( 24 stickers for faster e application, sanitary, and easy clean up)
  • Oil-Free Mascara to be used on the tips of lashes for a dramatic look
  • How to and different looks Sheet
  • Instructional DVD
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