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EZ Lash Ring ***SPECIAL***
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Price: $29.95

E-Z Ring Applicator
No more mess with your eyelash glue!!!

Special Includes
one (1) EZ ring applicator with 24 dots adhesive dots + three (3) Long Diva Lashes Cluster Eyelash Extension Packs.

EZ Lash Ring

"Ring" in the new year with the E-Z Lash Ring and cut your eyelash extension application in half. Now you can apply eyelashes quickly and easily by keeping eyelash glue in a convenient location, on your finger! Simply apply Stays-On-Glue eyelash adhesive on the ring and you are ready to apply eyelash extensions. The ring is so easy and will save you time and keep eyelash glue in an easy to reach location. 

The eyelash ring includes 24 adhesive dots (not shown) for easy clean up. Simply apply an adhesive dot to the ring prior to applying eyelash glue. Once you are finished with the ring wait for the glue to dry and then remove the adhesive dot. The dried glue will be removed along with the dot making clean up easy and you will be ready for the next application fast. dots, the ring is fast, easy, and simple to use.

The EZ Lash Ring has a silver appearance and is adjustable to fit any size finger. Included with the ring is 24 adhesive dot which can be later bought separately for more dots. 

Long Cluster Eyelash Extensions

Long eyelash extension clusters provide a dramatic appearance and are also great for use on the outside corner of the eye for a flair look. Lash extensions are made of a super light weight synthetic material so they are essentially weightless. Apply lashes with Stays-On-Glue and these extensions will be waterproof and last for 4 weeks. These eyelash extensions can also be applied with a glue of your choice. Cluster eyelash extensions are easy to apply, look fantastic, and give instant results.

Long Cluster Eyelash Extensions feature

60 eyelash extension clusters per tray (3 trays included in special)
Super light weight synthetic material
long extension style
14mm length


Total value: $23.94
Professional Beauty Association

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