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Endless Beauty Band Delicate Dreamer Headwrap
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Price: $65.00
Endless Beauty Bands feature layers of Stones, Lace, and Beaded rhinestones and can be worn endless ways in the hair. With all its glitz and glamour these unique headbands are backed by a high quality velvet so your hair does not catch while styled. Endless Beauty Head Bands are fun, edgy, and pairs great to accentuate any outfit. Wear the headbands in a range of looks to compliment any type of hair. These are the new accessory to go with everything. Headbands are constructed with an elastic stretch band for a secure fit and are easy and comfortable to wear. Decorative portion measures 13 inches long 1.5 inches wide. back of headband is a black stretch cord one size fits all. Look Sheet Guide comes with to show multiple ways to wear the headband all year.
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