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eyelash%20extension%20GlueEyelash Extension Glue
Stays-On-Glue by Lashes&Cosmetics

Last Longer, Will Not Burn, Waterproof

Buy Stays-On-Glue Eyelash Extension Glue Now!

Stays-On-Glue is an eyelash extension glue used for applying lash extensions. Stays-On-Glue is lasts longer, will not burn the eyes, waterproof, and is easy to use.

Long Lasting Eyelash Extension Glue.
Stays-On-Glue will last for 4 weeks or more. After a few weeks, if the corners of the eyelashes come up, simply apply a little more lash glue and you are set to go for a few more weeks.
Don't be fooled by other eyelash glues that claim they last for weeks. Stays-On-Glue lasts longer.

Eyelash Extension Glue that will not Burn the eyes.
Do you wear contacts? Or, are you tired of teary eyes trying to apply false eyelashes. Stays-On-Glue does not burn the eyes what so ever. It is ordor less. The only tears you will have are tears of joy becasue you will no longer have to put up with annoying irritation to the eyes.

Waterproof Eyelash Extension Glue.
Worried about losing eyelashes in the shower or swimming? Worry no longer, our eyelash adhesive is truly waterproof. With Stays-On-Glue your eyelashes will be carefree you may even forget you have them on. Stays-On-Glue can even be used with makeup remover and mascara as long as they are not oil based.

Latex Free Eyelash Extension Glue.
Stays-ON-Glue is hypoallergenic and contains no latex. Many people have an allergic reaction to latex. Dont worry becasue Stays-On-Glue is latex free.

Benefits of Stays-On-Glue | Eyelash Extension Glue: 

  • Eyelash glue lasts longer
  • Easy to Use
  • Will Not Burn the Eyes
  • Waterproof
  • Safe for use with contacts
  • Will not dry inside bottle
  • Can use with oil-free makeup remover & mascara
  • Easy to remove
  • Works with any eyelash
  • Will not harm natural eyelashes

Learn How to Apply Eyelash Extensions Using Stays-On-Glue | Eyelash Extension Glue.

Learn How Waterproof eyelash extension glue lasts for weeks.
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