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How to Remove Eyelash Extensions applied with Stays-On-Glue


There are several reasons for removing Eyelash Extensions. Most just want to remove old eyelash extensions so they can put new eyelash extensions on. Others may simply want to remove extensions just to go with a natural look. Regardless of the reasons for removing eyelash extensions, removing eyelash extensions applied with Stays-On-Glue is fast, easy, and will not harm ones natural eyelashes.

Steps to Remove Eyelash Extensions applied with Stays-On-Glue.
1) Using
Stays-On-Glue Remover apply remover to the tip of a clean micro brush.
2) With micro brush massage remover into eyelash extensions by coating the top and bottom of the lashes. If needed, use fingertips to message oil deeper into eyelashes to break up glue bond.
3) Allow remover to soak in for approximately two minutes.
4) Using micro brush, gently push lash extension forward and the lash extension will slide off the natural lash.
5) Repeat process as necessary to remove all extensions and excess glue residue from the eyes.
6) Thoroughly clean eyelashes of Stays-On-Glue remover prior to applying new eyelash extensions.
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