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Stays-On-Glue | Eyelash Extension Glue
See why so many people are switching to Stays-On-Glue. The eyelash extension glue that last longer, will not burn, and is waterproof.

How to apply Eyelash Extensions - Cluster Lashes
Learn how to apply Cluster Eyelash Extensions
Eyelashes are applied in clusters of lashes to natural eyelashes
Cluster lashes last longer and are harder to identify
Lashes can be customized to match your look

  How to apply False Eyelashes - Strip Lashes
Learn how to apply False Eyelash Extensions - Strip Lashes
Strip lashes are fast and easy
Fasle lashes come in a variety of styles
Strip lashes can last for weeks

  How to remove Eyelash Extensions
Learn how to remove eyelash extensions
Fast & easy to remove
Will not harm natural lashes
Will not burn the eyes

Eyelash Extensions FAQ
How long do eyelash extensions last
Do eyelash extensions harm your natural lashes
Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions
Are eyelash extensions safe for use with contacts
Can I get my eyelash extensions wet

How to Take Care of Eyelash Extensions
Best practices
General care

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