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How to apply feather hair extensions
Feather extensions can be applied to either side of the head at various locations in the hair.

Below you will find a short video on how to apply feather hair extensions with a wire wand.

Before you start:
For best results place feather extension at a minimum ¼" below ones natural part in hair to conceal the crimp beads.

If you do not have a wire wand it is still easy to apply feather hair extensions. Follow these steps to apply feather hair extensions if you are not using a wire wand.

1) Determining the desired location of the feather hair extensions.
2) Grab a few strands of ones natural hair to attach crimp bead too.
3) While hair is in hand, wet the hair strands with water and twirl the hair together all the way to the roots.
4) Thread twirled wet hair through the crimp bead and bring crimp bead as close to scalp as possible.
5) Grab feather extensions by the tail end and thread the feather's end through the crimp bead so that ½"of the feather is threaded into the bead.
6) Crimp the bead down with a pair of pliers.
7) Cut the excess portion of the feather extensions above the bead.
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