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How to apply eye shadow

Eye shadow is the perfect complement to eyelash extensions. When applied correctly, eye shadow can add another dimension of beauty to the face through the use of color. All though eye shadow is one of the staples in a woman's arsenal by following the steps outlined below a woman can get consistently great results.

The first and most obvious step to achieving optimum results from eye shadow is to use a high quality product. Most eye shadows are made from mica powder, a colorful mineral base, mixed with a hardener such as clay. In general, eye shadow with higher clay to mica powder ratios are harder and do not blend easily. While eye shadow with lower clay to mica powder ratios are easy to apply and blend perfectly. Lower ratios are considered to be higher quality eye shadows because of the higher content of the colorful mineral base, mica powder. A good indicator to determine if you have a
quality eye shadow is the brush test. To perform the brush test simply try to apply your eye shadow with a brush. If your eye shadow is easy to apply with a brush than you have a good quality eye shadow. If it does not apply well, perhaps you should consider trying other types of eye shadow.

Once you have a good quality eye shadow you need to choose the right color to wear. The color chosen should not be arbitrarily picked but rather determined by the clothes you are planning to wear. The idea is to add color in a subtle way that will get you attention but not the wrong attention. By matching a color in the outfit you are planning to wear your appearance will flow and the eye will not focus on one spot.

It is best to apply eye shadow with a brush to softly blend colors together to obtain a dynamic look. If you are using a good quality eye shadow using a brush is easy and fun. But choosing the right brush is just as important as choosing the right eye shadow. The ideal brush is a flat soft bristle brush. The flat brush makes it easy to apply the eye shadow with precision while having soft bristles smoothes transitions between colors.

When applying eye shadow limit the number of shades used. Ideally, one does not want to use more than three colors of eye shadow because too much color often times blends into one ugly color. Choosing a light, medium, and dark color is good.

Starting with the medium color take three swipes of eye shadow with the flat soft bristle brush and apply eye shadow on the lower section of eyelid. When applying the eye shadow start from the inner corner of the eye and work towards the outer corner. Repeat the process three or four times with the medium eye shadow color to insure a good matte finish. Once finished, apply the dark shade of eye shadow to the middle section of the eyelid under the crease line and right above it following the same technique.

Once the medium and dark shades of eye shadow have been applied, wipe clean your
eye shadow brush with a paper towel. Then, using circular motions blend the two eye shadow shades on the eyelid together with your brush. Once complete, take three swipes with your brush of the lighter eye shadow shade and apply under the eyebrow. Again, apply the eye shadow from the inner corner of the eye working towards the outer corner. Finally, blend the light eye shadow with the dark eye shadow using the same circular motion used previously. Your eye shadow is done and should now look fabulous.

Eye shadow is a very important part to creating a beautiful appearance. Additionally, eye shadow is a very good compliment to eyelash extensions. Not only is choosing the right eye shadow essential but using the proper technique and tools is a must.
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