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Waterproof Eyelash Extension Glue
Last for Weeks | Non Burning | by Lashes&Cosmetics

Stays-On-Glue is a waterproof eyelash extension glue. By applying eyelashes using Stays-On-Glue one can swim in salt water, fresh water, and even chlorine pools. No matter what type of eyelashes you apply (single eyelashes, cluster lashes, or strips), the eyelash extension glue formula will keep your eyes looking beautiful for weeks no matter what type of water sport activity you perform. 

Are you a swimmer, surfer, or just plain love the water? Unlike other glues, Stays-On-Glue Eyelash Extension Glue will hold in the toughest environments. We dare you to put it too the test. You may tear up because you found the perfect glue but don't worry your eyelashes are waterproof. 

Make your eyelash extensions waterproof with Stays-On-Glue in three easy steps.

Step 1. Coat your natural eyelashes with Stays-On-Glue | Eyelash Extension Glue. 

Step 2. Coat your false eyelashes or lash extensions with Stays-On-Glue and apply on top of your natural eyelash. 

Step 3. Press your natural eyelash and your lash extension together to create a tight bond. 


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