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Eyelash Accessories & More...
Lashes and Cosmetics features great accessories to apply Eyelash Extensions and more.

Micro Brushes
Using micro brushes is the easiest way to apply eyelash extensions. Micro brushes get into those hard to reach places. Micro brushes are lint free and are exclusive to Lashes and Cosmetics.

Lash Beads
Lash beads are a fun way to dress up eyelash extensions. Use them for the holidays, a costume party, are use them to dazzle up your lashes. Lash beads are applied with Stays-On-Glue. Simply put eyelash glue on lashes where you would like the lash beads then sprinkle your desired bead color on top of the wet glue.

Gel Makeup Remover
Our gel makeup remover is oil free and works great with Stays-On-Glue lash adhesive. With the makeup remover you do not have to worry about losing eyelash extensions while cleaning your face.

Head Wrap
Head wraps are a great way to keep hair out of the face and eyes while applying eyelash extensions. Head wrap is made of cotton and can easily be washed. And with its Velcro fastening system one size fits all.


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