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 All about Eyelash Extensions and Glue

Lashes and Cosmetics focus is on eyelash extensions. Just like many girls, we were frustrated with the quality of our eyelash extensions and their inability to stay on. Also, it was painful to have lash extensions applied as most lash glues burn or sting the eyes. That is why we created our new eyelash extension kit, and Stay's-On-Glue
Our Eyelash Extension Kit is an easy system which features a new eyelash adhesive technology called Stays-On-Glue. Stays-On-Glue lasts for four weeks or longer, will not burn the eyes, is latex free, and is instantly waterproof.

In addition to our eyelash extension system, we also carry a wide variety of
eyelash extensions including knot-free lashes, cluster lashes, strip lashes, and feather lashes. All of our products are professional grade and are used in salons and spas throughout the country but can also be used at home. If you are a professional and want additional information concerning opening a wholesale account please feel free to contact us. Please note minimum purchases do apply. We hope you enjoy shopping for your eyelash extensions.
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