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Lashes and Cosmetics is changing its name to LAC Beauty Supply to accommodate our growing line of beauty products. LAC Beauty Supply will continue to offer the same products and services you have grown to love such as Gypsy Stix and Stays-On-Glue. As time goes on will merge with so stay tuned as we plan to offer the best beauty products for instant results and instant beauty. In the mean time you can shop for beauty products on our new website at   

Manufacturers and retailers of Eyelash Extensions, Hair Feathers, Lash Glue, Cosmetics, More!

Brow Sculpt-Tint and Sculpt your brows into place for up to 7 days. Dual tip applicator brush included.

Gypsy Stix Hair Color Rub-in's
New Gypsy Stix apply in a hit of color and blend. They saty in for up to 3 days.

New lash on lash technology with under eyelashes that last for one week with new Stay's On one week eyelash glue.  Comes With
Dual Applicator Brush .

Feather Hair Extensions
One of the hottest trends for 2011, feather extensions are easy applied in the hair through the use of crimp beads or clamps. We sell a wide variety of hair feathers designed for the hair as well as several starter kits. Shop for hair feathers.

Eyelash Extension Kits
Eyelash Extension Kits are a great way to start applying eyelashes. They include everything you need to apply eyelash extension at an affordable price. Our eyelash kits are unique because they feature Stays-On-Glue, a revolutionary eyelash glue that lasts for weeks and does not burn the eyes. See why so many people are talking about Lashes and Cosmetics Eyelash Extension Kit.

Eyelashes & More
Lashes & Cosmetics carries various styles of false eyelashes including strips & clusters. Additionally, we are the manufacturer of unique lash tools to make applying eyelash extensions easier. Check out our tools and our latest creation the Lash Press Tool.

Featured Products
Eyelash Extensions Mink Indivdual Lashes Loose 8mm, 10mm, 12mm C Curl Black
Eyelash Extension Kit 2.0 by Lashes & Cosmetics Over With Hypoallergenic Glue
Stays-On-Glue | Eyelash Extension Glue - Long Lasting | Non Burning | Waterproof
01- Gypsy Stix | Hair Coloring Chalk - The Original Hair Coloring Chalk
Metallic Hair Chalk 16 Color Pallet With Felt Tip Mini Brushes
Brand New - Dark Brown Brow Sculpt 7 Day Wear - Whip Brows In Shape
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